For Day Care Providers:

For Day Care Providers Available 2021 

The Dog Day Care course is designed specifically for the Doggie Day Cares and staff. Dog Day Care course includes both Cats and Dogs. Students will learn all aspects of emergency pet care, with lectures, demonstrations and viewing of hands on skills practice. This program is a must for any Doggie Day Care who wants to provide knowledge and education to their staff. WIth an increased number of dogs the chance for an emergency involving your clients dog increases immensely. Your staff will learn the signs and symptoms of an sick or injured dog.

Join Dr Lisa Booth DVM and the instructors as this class gives your staff confidence. Confidence that no matter what the situation involving your clients pets you will be able to provide care that will help for the best possible outcome. That alone can be priceless.

The class content covers over 40 First Aid segments including:
Medication Administration. First-aid Kits, Normal Vitals Signs, Dog Behavior, How to Restrain and Muzzle, Bleeding Control, Tail Wounds, Bleeding Ears, Eye Injuries, Pad Injuries, Puncture Wounds, Lameness, Dog Fights, Vomiting, Seizures, Diabetes, Heat and Cold Emergencies, Abdominal Wounds, Broken Toe Nails, Electrical Injuries, Snakes, Skunks, Scorpions, Bite Safety with Children. There is special attention to Choking, Bloat, Dog Behavior, CPR, and Poisons. Cat specific includes: Flea Checks, How to Muzzle and Scruff a Cat. How to pill a Cat. Eye Drops and Insulin shots.

Certification will be issued upon 80% Pass rate and CPR Skills Submission. Course is non refundable and has a 60 day completion period once registered. Certification is valid for no more than 3 years.